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Paving & Compaction


Sakai was founded in Japan in May of 1918. Since that time, the company has evolved and grown to an annual production of over 4000 vibratory compactors per year. Sakai vibratory compactors were introduced to North America in 1976 and since that time have gained recognition as one of the most state-of-the-art rollers around. Following the strict quality guidelines of ISO9001, Sakai rollers have one of the best service records in America. In 2001, Sakai opened the doors to its new North American manufacturing plant and new headquarters in Adairsville, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. With a solid line-up of high force vibratory soil compactors and high frequency vibratory asphalt rollers, Sakai has become one of the strongest compaction product lines in America.


Calder Brothers has a long history of engineering, design and manufacturing industry leading commercial pavers and related products.


Form more than 30 years, Cimline has focused on continuous design progress to create the most modern melter applicators. Evidence of this application of technology to improve creacksealing performance is a steady stream of new products and product improvement.

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