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Swing Stage

We stock a full range of modular swing stage platforms and electric powered hoists through our trusted suppliers Winsafe and Power Climber.

Winsafe Work Cages

The new versatile aluminum and steel Single Man Cage has the innovative design, quality construction and value that your expect from Winsafe. The cage accepts all sibgle bar pick up hoists, and the adjustable mast has two heights. All components pass through an 18 inch opening for boiler work.

Winsafe SuperMod

Super strong, super versatile, and super value; Winsafe SuperMod is built in North America for North American conditions; stronger trusses, and stronger connectors make a smooth riding, long lasting platform. Not only is the SuperMod the strongest system on the market, it is the only modular platform system designed for use as a conventional swing stage and as a large area work deck. It has a complete range of components that will do all jobs.

Winsafe Outrigger

Winsafe offers a number of modular outrigger beams, and cable truss systems to suit all your tough jobs. Great value, simplicity, and safety are the key characteristics of Winsafe Outriggers products.

Power Climber Astro Air Hoists

Built for durable performance in heavy industrial applications, the Astro Air hoists lift up to 2000 lbs up to 35 feet per minute. Field tested on dance floors and high capacity special applications, the Astro Air hoist exceeds the performance requirements of the most demanding industrial contractors.

Power Climber PC3 Electronic Hoists

The PC3 skips a generation of product development to offer simple, reliable, and affordable hoist performance. Easy to use; easy to upgrade; easy to service; and easy to handle.

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