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When it comes to preventing serious injury and protecting lives, there is no alternative than to be 100% committed to safety.


At Sancton Access, the trust we’ve earned from our customers isn’t just about the performance of the equipment to do the job; it’s also that the job will get done safely. Safety isn’t a separate department—whether it’s installation, inspection or maintenance, our dedication to safety is integrated in every stage of our service:
  • We invest in the ongoing training of our employees.
  • We have expertise in building to manufacturer and engineering specifications.
  • We employ industry-leading safety practices.
  • We inspection and test of all of our equipment.
  • Our internal controls including sign over certificates and a safety reward system.
  • We strictly adhere to CSA standards and provincial regulations.
“Sancton is certified by the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association (NSCSA) and the New Brunswick Construction Safety Association (NBCSA). We are the proud recipients of numerous site safety awards.”Matt Sancton


  • NBCSA New Brunswick Construction Safety Association
  • NSCSA Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association
  • NSCLRA Nova Scotia Construction Labour Relations Association
  • SIAC Scaffold Industry Association of Canada


  • NSCSA & NBCSA COR Certified
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