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Hydraulic Mast Climbing

Sancton rents and sells FRACO Hydraulic Mast Climbers. Originally designed for heavy duty masonry work, FRACO now designs and produces light weight platforms for drywall, curtain wall and window contractors.

20K mast Climber

Specially designed to provide fast, easy setup and moves on low-rise jobs (less than 45 ft high), the FRSM 20K also delivers on high-rise projects. With a lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs and a lifting speed of 8 ft per minute, the FRSM 20K will reach 48 ft of length in single mast configuration, giving you more wall coverage.


In a freestanding configuration, the ACT is perfectly designed for working heights of up to 14.3 m (45 ft) without being anchored to the wall. Each unit is able to carry up to 3,630 kg (8,000 lbs.) of LIVE load, providing the strength of hydraulic at tremendous speeds.


Featuring a unique modular design, assembly of the FRSM-1500 can be completed by one person in only thirty minutes. The FRSM-1500 covers 95 m2 (1,020 ft2) of wall and with the light and resistant galvanized steel triangular mast section and fast and easy bolting, all components can be assembled by hand – no need for crane, hoist or other lifting devices.

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